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The Queen Of New York - Green To Think
The Drive (Album Version) - Five Dollar Day
The Drive (No Drums) ** - Five Dollar Day
The Drive (Strings) - Derek Nelson' s Computer
Your Smile - Jonah Matranga
Jesus Was A Lonely Man - Reverend Vince Anderson
The Eve Of My Birthday - Cray and Dempsey
A Reason - Jad Fair
September 17, 2051 (Album Version) - Michael "Sport" Murphy
September 17, 2051 (Alt Mix - drums come in later) ** - Michael "Sport" Murphy

Bonus Tracks

Express Girls Remix - Scott McNeely
Alexa's Message - Alexa Rose Vastola

FAKE 29 Michael Gilligan's Solo Project

CD $5
All tracks above appear on the CD except the alternative mixes marked **

Although at times Fake Chapter Records has serviced some of my pet projects, the company has spent the past 9 years focused on supporting the music of our talented roster.
However, one day I thought of this impossible idea for an album. Actually the concept was simple, it was the follow through that got hard.

The Concept: To make an album where every song is recorded by the actual artist who inspired me as the songwriter. Giving each song a circle of life never done before.

The Task: Trying to approach artists I've never met and convince them to record my songs. Also, trying not to produce something that would only be of interest to me.

The Result: After 3 years of rejections, harassments, and countless potential release dates, I finished this beautiful but unique album.
Even though I wrote all the songs, I had to give up complete control of the outcome. The words and music were out of my hands and since a song could only be recorded by the artists who influenced it,
the track listing was determined by what was possible. As a result, there are moments that I love and moments that I don't, but all of it is beautiful because it was true to the concept.

I cannot THANK enough everyone involved (the performers, the workers, the subjects, and the supporting people in my life) with making this record.
ALL of the musicians featured are brilliant and have made some terrific albums. Please BUY all of their records! Trust me, they all sound much better when playing their own songs.

Thank You - Michael Gilligan

2005 Fake Chapter Records